The Illinois Smart City & Region Association (ISCRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit member association who’s mission provides education, information, and vital resources through collaboration to more than 1,200 Illinois municipalities and corresponding regions on the appropriate technology initiatives for a given community and how to properly adopt technologies for their respective connected community initiatives.

ISCRA is a comprehensive platform where technology providers, together with, city staff and local elected officials converge to discuss the development and deployment potential of networked technologies on top a city’s existing infrastructure. These objectives are performed in an effort to reduce a community’s operating costs, drive efficiencies, and establish sustainable models intent on impacting the quality of life for all citizens and businesses while pushing Illinois to become one of the few smart States in the USA.

    The Illinois Smart City & Region Association helps all Illinois communities by teaching new technology to public organizations around the state! #illinoissmart

    6 experts predict the most disruptive tech of 2020 via @smartcitiesdive

    Residents in Hinsdale, Western Springs meet to share concerns with 5G technology

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